Project management in an organization is simply the application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve a specific project’s objectives.

Project management is linked to a finite time period and budget allocated to it.

Unlike management which is an ongoing process, a project has a final deliverable and a finite time period to deliver it.

Since projects are complex in nature, project management tools are the project manager’s answer to manage projects in an organized way.

Simple projects don’t require much tools to handle them.

However, more complex projects demand proper planning, the delegation of tasks, setting parameters and monitors.

It also helps in setting deadlines.

Monitoring those tasks critical for the project, and ensuring that everyone involved in the project are up to task.

What is the need for a Project Management Tool?

In order to equip the project manager with all the details regarding the particular project, there is a need for an efficient tool.

There are a lot of project management tools to ensure that deliverables meet the parameters set.

The tool helps the project manager to monitor the progress of the project and to look at even the minuscule of an event related to the project thereby ensuring the quality and efficiency of the project’s objectives are met.

The tools are powerful in that they increase the productivity of the people involved and also boosts the team’s efficiency.

Choosing the best tool is one important aspect of this task.

What features to look out for in a project management tool

Task Management:

A project is a collection of tasks that must be completed in a sequential order to accomplish the final goal of the project because some tasks are independent while others are simultaneous.

Each task is assigned to a person or a team involved in the project.

The more complex a project, the more number of tasks to accomplish.

To-Do Lists:

To-Do Lists are simple everyday tasks which if not done properly could hinder the overall progress of the project.

These tasks need to be centralized so that every team member can access their tasks easily.

Workspace or Boards:

Workspaces are used to visualize any project and are very useful in the successful implementation of the project.

Kanban boards for example allow everyone in the project team to see the progress of not only their task but the overall progress of the project if given access to.

Tracking System:

Every simple or complex task associated with a project takes time and hence keeping a visual check on the time taken to complete each task is of utmost importance.

A good tracking system helps with careful planning, allocation of tasks, monitoring time-limited tasks, and importantly the billing part of the project.


Projects are always made up of a lot of singular tasks.

You need to know the impact of one task over the others whenever something changes.


Complex projects involve a team of a few tens to hundreds of people depending on its complexity.

In such cases, collaboration is of vital importance for the successful implementation of the project.

A good project management tool must include good collaboration features because communication in a project is very critical.

Detailed Reporting:

Any simple or complex project needs reporting to document the various tasks, people involved, resources allocated, time taken for each task, budget spent in the project.

Reporting should be done on a periodic manner to update the project manager of all tasks completed, undertaken and remaining.

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