About Me

Education plays an important role in our lives.  What education we receive from schools and university is just for academic purposes.  I’m a firm believer that learning life skills is of utmost importance.

I love course creators and coaches for this very reason.  They create very specific courses and have a single agenda for the students who want to enroll.

It is hence my goal to help these online course creators and coaches reach out to as many students as possible and help both the creators and the students benefit from each other.  I want to help coaches revolutionize the online course market and establish myself as a known facilitator in this process.

My Goal is to help 100 such online coaches and course creators make a difference in the lives of students who enroll in their courses.  Join hands with me and let us help others in realizing their dreams for living is in giving and sharing and not just receiving.

A passionate funnel builder, social media ads creator, and email marketing strategist.  ON a mission to help as many students benefit from all the wonderful courses available on the internet.

Let’s help them choose your course and transform their lives.



Image of Manjunath Muniappa

We Shall Target All The Right Audiences

You create the courses, put them on an LMS or schedule a Webinar, we shall do the rest and bring in audiences to buy your courses or attend your webinars and further purchase your courses.  We do detailed targeting and won’t let you down.

Let's Work Together!

As discussed above, my goal is to help 100 online coaches and course creators get as many students as possible for their courses.

I’m ready to work with you, are you ready?