clientesq Digital MarketinG

Funnel Building, Social Media Ads

and Email Marketing For Online Course Creators and Coaches

A one stop digital marketing service to create landing pages through funnels, create campaigns on social media to generate leads, and nurture & convert those leads into happy customers .

 Assisting online course creators and coaches to run their business on automation while they can spend their valuable time with family and other business operations.

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Funnel Building

Funnels are the new landing pages of businesses as they are dynamic and have more features than a website.  It has a single purpose for the visitor and always ends in a CTA.  We design beautiful and better performing funnels based on the products/service and the needs of the business. 

Social Media Marketing

Getting your funnels to your targeted audience is the next step.  We create campaigns with the right objective and design awesome ads.  We have a strict eye on budget optimization of the ads.

SEO Audits

Though not a complete service, we do provide SEO audits of client’s website so as to optimize them as per SEO checklists.

Email Marketing

What do you do with the leads generated?  How will you nurture your leads and sell them your future courses or coaching?  This is where email marketing comes into the picture.  This service is intended to nurture your leads over the long term.

We Make it Easy For You to Connect With Users

We focus on assisting you get your books, course, and coaching to the right students and users who needs it the most.

We do targeted advertising to help you connect with the right users.  


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